*Choose your photos carefully - as they will tell your story.   If it’s honoring or remembering someone’s life, be sure to include photos from baby to present. If it’s to recap a vacation, holiday or special event, be sure to include photos from beginning to end and include as many guests as possible (group shots are a great way to accomplish this!)

*Be sure to include some individuals and close-ups of the main person/people in the montage.
Choose photos that don’t have a lot going on in the background – you want to focus on the people in your photos without distractions.

*Include photos that capture where the event was held (ie what the room looked like, food, flowers, cake etc, if it was o/s, what the weather was like...)

*Good lighting is key for great photos.

*Horizontal photos are the best because it’s the same dimension as your TV monitor.  Vertical photos are fine too – they can be cropped, to eliminate the black borders.  However, sometimes you do lose the full effect of a vertical photo, when it turns into a horizontal one.

*Include a mix of candids (which will capture true personalities!)  and sprinkle some formal photos in there too.

*Quality in is quality out.  If you submit quality photos, they will look great on the dvd.  If the quality is not good, it won’t look good in the dvd either.

*I suggest 150 photos in most montages.  However, some have 100 and some have 250 .... all depends on what you want included. Just keep the photos interesting!

*The montage should create energy during the party - not slow it down.  Keep it ideally to 10 minutes and be sure it’s creative and interesting.  A great montage will have everyone laughing, clapping to the music, singing and yelling 'oohs and ahhhs'.

*Pick music that matches the feel of your photos. You may want to include some classics, but also  try and include some current music - especially if it’s for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah and kids will be watching it.